About SAB International

SAB international limited is a leading supplier of Park Home and Holiday Home ancillaries in the uk. We specialise in wholesale supply the Bosun collection to manufacturers, park operators and retailers. These products include Hitches (coupling), Corner steadies, jockey wheels, axle stands, hitch plates and many other items.

We control each facet of design and production which include machining and presswork, rotary furnace casting work, heat treatment (annealing, normalising and hardening), galvanising (hot dip), zinc plate, welding, painting and assembling. the manufacturing process is monitored with the use of chemical and physical laboratories and an inspection room to assure the guaranteed quality as per international standards. we have vast experience in manufacturing cast and machined components of intricate shapes for precision use.

With our continuos desire and determination to excel, we have a commitment to quality, product fit for purpose and customer satisfaction. We are fully committed to quality in every area of the business, and believe in obtaining customer satisfaction through quality and excellent customer service.

SAB international was set up originally to supply products for the Gas and Oil industry in the 1980’s, however decided to enter the Mobile home industry supplying the Bosun Hitches (coupling). This had become a rapid success and demand of the Bosun Hitch was growing year on year which each manufacturer keen to use on their chassis. It was only until the mid to late 1990’s, SAB had introduced the Bosun collection which consisted of Axle Stands, Corner Steadies, Jockey wheels and many other products. At this point, the SAB as a company was growing as well as their product range. Demand for the products have reached into Europe and USA.

What our clients say:

"The cost of manufacturing our needed components in China not only started to be very expensive, but the quality and end result was always brought to question. As such SAB International has allowed our business to continue our growth strategically. "
Claire Davies, Generic Solutions.

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